Exhibition Overview

Due to the success of climax creation over the past 10 years since 2009 and investing to our successes , to serve the construction and building sector and to keep up with the urban boom. The idea of establishing ICS exhibition was inevitable to be an umbrella to showcase new products in the building and construction sectors under one roof and signing new deals.

Visiting the exhibition will gives you a unique chance to :- - Meet the largest number of building material suppliers gathered in one place.

- Initiate new distribution channels
- Ensure products promotions
- Initiate or build export business & meet trade buyers
- Build brand awareness
- Increase industry exposures
- Get useful feedback on existing products
- Increase business network
- Keep up with the latest industry trends and gain knowledge and insight into your market.
- Launch new products, explore new business opportunities and meet with existing clients

10 reasons to visit ICS Exhibition