Buyers Application

Buyers Application


Your Position in the company:

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Upper Management

Employee / Consultant

Head Of Department / Supervisor

Responsibility Level

Company size:

Main Activity

Building & Construction sector

Smart Cities Sector

From which country have you purchased or imported the material or the products you are currently working with?

Interpreter service:

Main purpose of your visit to ICS EXHIBITION.

Benefits for the buyer :

  • Transfer ( Shuttle bus ) to and from the airport ( CAIRO ) to the hotel/ expo centre and back .
  • Transfer ( Shuttle bus ) from the hotel to the expo centre and back .
  • Hotel accommodation, breakfast included ( 5 stars hotel ) .
  • Access to the “ International Buyers’ Lounge ” with the following services : cloakroom, PCs, Wi-Fi connection and free refreshments (Coffee, Tea and non-alcoholic beverages ) .
  • Translation service during the business meeting only if you do not speak English fluently .
  • Free entrance ticket and free exhibitors’ catalogue .

Buyers’ Commitment :

  • I commit myself to arrange business meetings with ICS exhibitors during the exhibition working days. from June 10th to 12th 2021 .
  • I commit myself to send at least 8 meeting requests to ICS exhibitors during the exhibition. from June 10th to 12th 2021 .
  • I commit myself to respect the meetings’ schedule at the time agreed with exhibiting companies during the show days, 8 meetings on the first day and 5 meetings during the second day ( morning session ) and then visit ICS in the afternoon. if I will not fix 13 meetings through the ICS exhibition .
  • I commit myself to visit other exhibiting companies in order to reach the number of 13 meetings .
  • I commit myself to deliver the diary in the business lounge to ICS EXHIBITION ORGANIZERS staff filled-in with the signatures of the meetings done ( after each meeting i will ask for the exhibitors’ signature ) .

I hereby confirm to have read the above conditions and commit myself to respect them.